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Summer Fit Activities

The Summer Fit Activities series is a result of over 20 years of experience in the world of summer learning workbooks. Based on national research that spans over 100 years along with input from parents, teachers and children throughout the country, Summer Fit Activities was designed to reduce summer memory loss and to help children become positive influencers on our planet. Summer Fit extends the potential of summer learning by establishing three areas of summer learning success: academics, health and character education.

Active Planet Kids, Inc

Members of the publishing team that created the original, best-selling Summer Bridge Activities series are proud to announce the formation of Active Planet Kids, Inc.

Active Planet Kids is a supplemental educational and children’s storybook publishing company that incorporates fitness and core values in its products to help parents and children build healthy lifestyle habits as part of their educational experience.

Our Mission

To equip parents and children with quality resources that build a foundation of successful academic experiences and healthy lifestyles while fostering a belief in core values that better prepare children for a global society.