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Summer Fit ActivitiesTM is a comprehensive review of key concepts learned each school year and is in line with state standards. Summer Fit ActivitiesTM are created by educators who are parents themselves, and use Summer Fit with their own children. The pages are filled with a variety of fun, interesting and educational exercises in math, reading, science, geography, and language arts. These exercises are presented in specifically sized increments designed to provide the child with enough information to review and reinforce without overwhelming the student with endless work during the summer.

Math: Studies show that on average, students lose 2 to 2 ½ months of math skills over the summer. Math success in school relies on a comprehensive understanding of fundamental skills such as addition, subtraction, and multiplication. The repetition and review in Summer Fit helps your student practice and master these skills so they are prepared to continue learning in the year to come.


Reading: Reading and language arts are incorporated into each day’s activities and are designed to reinforce comprehension, grammar, and writing in fun and creative ways. Grade appropriate booklists based on role models and values created by teachers and librarians are included in the value activities to encourage daily reading. Journal pages and book report forms are written into the program to allow students to practice organizing their thoughts and transferring them to the written word.

Science, Geography, and Poetry: These subjects are consistently represented in the book and include opportunities for hands on learning and exploration as well as reinforcement of skills already learned. Supplemental activities using items readily available at home are offered throughout each workbook.

All academics are designed to progress in difficulty as your student progresses through the workbook that offers not only review of material already taught and a preview of the school year ahead.

Here is what you will find inside Summer Fit Activities