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5 Parent Tips

Many parents believe the academic success of their child is based largely on their child’s natural abilities rather than parent involvement. However, research shows parent involvement has a significant impact on student behavior, student academic performance and student quality of life.

This summer you are investing in the overall development of your child by engaging them academically, physically and socially by establishing values that are important to you and your family.

Encourage your child to build their skills and abilities in all areas of their life by participating with them as they complete their activities and exercises. As a parent you are often the biggest influence on your child’s life, patience and understanding are key qualities, but nothing is more important than parent involvement.


Set a time and a place for your child to complete their activities and exercises each day.


Use a combination of resources to reinforce basic skills in fun ways. Integrate technology with traditional learning, but do not replace one with another.


Motivate and Encourage
Inspire your child to complete their daily activities and exercise. Get excited and show your support for their accomplishments!


Play as a Family
Slap “High 5,” jump up and down and get silly! Show how fun it is to be active and playing by doing it yourself. Health Experts recommend 60 minutes of play a day, and kids love seeing parents playing and having fun!


Eat Healthy and Together
Children are more likely to eat less healthy during the summer than during the school year. Serve lots of fruits and vegetables and have dinner together as a family.