Help your child retain academic skills, build healthy lifestyles and reinforce core values with Summer Fit Activities.

Research shows children can forget up to 60% of what they learned in school during summer vacation AND that daily fitness and play improve memory and learning!


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Fit Brains, Fit Bodies!

Award Winning Summer Workbook Series That Reduces Summer Learning Loss

9 Book Series Available for students Preschool – 7th Grade

  • Full Comprehensive Review
  • 160 pages
  • Flashcards
  • Full Color Pages
  • Incentive program
  • Online Resources


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“My children love Summer Fit workbooks. They ask for them. I also like that each day's lesson is filled with various subjects and topics. I know my children are getting a well-rounded skills review. The Incentive Contract is a favorite part the children enjoy the most. They motivate each other; happily work together to complete the day's activities, all while working at their own level. It’s a fun, no fuss way to keep children's skills up through summer break.”
– D. Benny
Homeschool Parent of 12
Mesa, AZ

“Summer Fit Activities is an exciting resource because it incorporates what we know from research evidence about combating summer learning loss, supporting youth development and engaging parents. Summer Fit provides a perfect blend of learning experiences that are focused on the physical, social, emotional and cognitive growth and development of all participants and will be a boon for parents, educators, and other community-based organizations serving youth.”
– Cori A. Groth
Board President, Utah Afterschool Network
Senior Policy Associate, Utah Education Policy Center

“In working for a company that is hand’s on with kids everyday, I see firsthand the importance of physical fitness from an early age. With many schools still losing their physical education program, as well as the overall lack of basic nutritional information taught to kids, it is great to see something like Summer Fit that gives parents a tool to utilize that also incorporates the importance of values. Summer Fit encourages involvement, motivation and having fun – what a great way to spend your summer!“
– Katie Baltz
National Children’s Training Specialist

“This was my first year teaching and it shocked me to see how many students are not physically active on a daily basis. Summer Fit provides parents an easy to use program that keeps them reading and engaged during the summer, while equally important, active and playing!”
– Kelly Toblon
Elementary Teacher
Walnut Creek, CA

“Summer Fit Activities is now the most comprehensive summer workbook available. I love the inclusion of a daily fitness program and cannot say enough home much I believe in the core value portion of this book. Summer Fit is fun, easy to use and is the next step forward in summer workbooks. I support Summer Fit 100%!”
– Carla Fisher
Original Author of Summer Bridge Activities

“I use a values-based approach to coach 10-12 year old girls in track. Regardless of age or sport, children need to learn what it means to have courage and determination but also to be kind and generous. Whether you are coaching or teaching, it is increasingly important to help children develop socially. Summer Fit Activities is a great resource that incorporates values with learning and exercise that will positively impact the overall development of a child.”
– Catherine Raney-Norman
Speed Skater for USA (retired)
US All-Around Champion 1999, 2002, 2003